Learn How to Fight

Why learn how to fight? Many people think that fighting is wrong or immoral and non-violent alternatives always best. While I agree that violence should be avoided if at all possible, that is many times not the case. There are many occasions where a simple apology or peaceful gesture is enough to cool down a hot headed threat, but there are definitely occasions where fighting is your only option. I do not condone fighting if it can be avoided, but cowering in front of an attacker while they beat you down is not something I condone either. It’s important that you know how to fight, if and when one of these situations occurs.

Fights can happen for any number of reasons. Many times all it takes is bumping into someone on accident or cutting someone off in traffic. Any level headed person would be able to just shake it off, but there are plenty of people out there with a chip on their shoulder that will take any excuse to engage in physical violence. In these cases, its important that you know how to fight, even if you may not want to. Fighting may not be fun, but neither is going to the hospital in a stretcher. Prepare yourself for these situations in advance and you can save yourself from potentially serious harm.

One of the most common things I see among people who don’t know how to fight, is that they don’t even know when they are in a fight. They’ll see all the red flags; screaming, pushing, etc… yet they refuse to believe that they are in an actual fight. In some cases, people will even get hit in the face and still not realize what is happening. The first thing you need to know about fighting is when you are in a fight. Once this line is crossed, you must engage quickly and without hesitation. Do not sit there and let them gain the upper hand on you. Watch carefully for the tell tale signs, and be ready to react when you see them.

You also need to know when to quit. The best way to escape a violent situation with the least amount of trouble, is to neutralize the threat, and then get help or exit the situation. There are many strikes and moves that can stun or knock out an opponent without causing any real physical harm. These give you enough time to either flee, or to finish the job if need be. Never allow an attacker to regain control of the situation. This isn’t 3rd grade, your life is in danger. Take control, and keep it.

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