How to Win a Street Fight

Street combat is a dangerous and unique type of fight that has the potential to do serious damage to those involved. Unlike sport fighting and MMA, there are no referees to end the fight, and no rules to protect the fighters. Anything goes in a street fight. For this reason, street fighting is actually not at all similar to cage fighting or other forms of martial arts. You will rarely see organized or technically correct fights in real life. Most times, it comes down to who has more street combat experience, rather than who is the better martial artist.

Generally, the moves you encounter in a real life confrontation do not resemble karate. For this reason, it’s hard to train for street combat via ordinary martial arts and self defense classes. Instead, you need to have a game plan and know what to expect in a real life scenario. In a bar fight, your attacker isn’t going to shake your hand and walk into his corner before you begin fighting. They are likely going to talk trash, shove you, or throw a sudden haymaker. These are the things that you need to train for.

To win a street fight you need to know which common signals to look for and have a plan to react immediately and without hesitation when you see them. Street combat is more about a short burst of explosive action, rather than 5 rounds of strategic striking and defense. And to be completely honest, defense is rarely even a factor in most street fights. If you think you’re going to learn how to block every type of attack your opponent could throw at you, you’re sadly mistaken. That’s not how things work.

Your surroundings are another large factor when engaging in street combat. While in a ring, you don’t need to worry about being blindsided or choked out by one of your attacker’s buddies. In a real fight, this is extremely common. Walls, tables, bystanders, all these things play a large part in a street fight. If you think you’re going to square up and have a fair one on one fight with your attacker, think again. That is rarely the way things go. Knowing what to look for can be the difference between a winning fight and being stomped unconscious.

Street fighting is a very unique form of combat and should be treated as its own individual style. It is unlike any type of sport fighting or martial arts, and should not be taken lightly. Relying on martial arts in a street fight can be a deadly mistake. While I am an advocate of martial arts, they simply are not enough to get the job done on the street. Thinking you’re safe because you know a few karate moves is a recipe for disaster. Don’t get caught in a sticky situation without knowing all the dirty secrets to real life street combat.

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