How to Fight Someone Bigger Than You

Many people get intimidated by people who are taller or bigger than they are. Size is a definite advantage in most fights due to the increased power and reach advantage that they have. Fortunately, in street fighting size and strength are much less critical than in sport fighting like MMA. In combat sports, the fighters are both trained and ready to fight for 3 to 5 rounds. They must have incredible strength and endurance to be able to fight for this long. Street fights generally don’t last more than 10 seconds, and are usually very crude and disorganized. Thus, strength and endurance generally don’t come in to play as much.

What is needed to fight someone bigger than you on the street is a simple game plan, and the ability to act explosively for about 10 to 15 seconds. That’s it. Speed and reflex are much more important than physical strength and endurance. The first step, is to know exactly when you’re in a fight. Many people don’t realize they are in a fight until they’ve already been hit. This is a huge mistake. You should know the physical and verbal cues that tell you they are about to attack you. As soon as you see it, take action. Don’t let them get the first strike advantage under any circumstance.

Second, control the fight to remove the size difference. When boxers fight against taller fighters, they generally like to stay ‘inside’. This means you get in very close to your opponent so that their reach advantage is neutralized. From here you can hook the ribs and throw uppercuts. You’ll also want to take advantages of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques, which generally work the same no matter how large the opponent is. By this I mean takedowns, trips, throws, chokes, and joint locks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 300lb linebacker, if you get wrapped up in a rear naked choke, you’re going to sleep. Big guys are generally less flexible as well which makes them prone to joint locks and compliance holds.

If you really feel threatened by a much larger attacker, don’t be afraid to go for pressure points and other taboo areas. I’m talking about punching the neck, kicking the groin, or shooting for the ankle. This isn’t 3rd grade. If a huge guy is threatening to hurt you, do what you need to do to neutralize him. Strike first, ask questions later.

Of course, the best and easiest way out of this jam is to simply talk your way out of it. If you can avoid a fight with a larger opponent, do it. They are certainly beatable, but make no mistake, you are at a disadvantage when fighting large attackers. It’s much easier to apologize for something you didn’t do than it is to beat down and tackle a huge angry monster.

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