How to Fight Multiple Attackers

Fighting in the street is nothing like martial arts or sport fighting. You’ll learn that quickly if you ever are presented with a real life confrontation. Street fighting is an art form in itself and needs to be treated as such. Rarely will a street fight ever go down in an organized or predictable fashion. Your attacker(s) won’t give you warning or notice when things are about to begin. More often than not, you will be dealing with more than one person as well. You must be very aware of your surroundings, and know that there are probably other people around who will attack you.

The first step when confronted by multiple attackers is to get a good view of your surroundings and know when you are outnumbered. This happens in many cases. You’ll want to know how many people there are, where they are, and how large they are.

Second, you’ll want to position yourself so that you can fight them one at a time. If you’re standing in the center of a room, you’re going to get attacked from behind. It’s going to happen. Be prepared for a headlock or other choke. Try to position yourself in a corner or hallway so that attackers can not get behind you. This will allow you to take them on one at a time.

Third, don’t spend too much time on one person. If you do, the others will jump in. Never go to the ground. As soon as you go down, you are going to get stomped. Stay on your feet at all costs. Your best bet for multiple attackers is to try to stun them with a single strike, then move on to the next attacker, or escape. Trips and takedowns work well too. Attempt to stun or drop an attacker, then immediately move on to the next.

In this type of situation, full force is completely necessary. Don’t be afraid to go for the cheap shots, your life is in danger. The neck and groin are fair game. Tripping also works well. If you can get them on the ground, that buys you some time. Grappling will get you jumped. Don’t wrap up with an attacker if his friends are nearby, you won’t win. Stun him or drop him and move on.

It’s always a good idea to escape if you have any opportunity. Nobody will call you a coward for running away while outnumbered. If you can, injure one of the attackers with a strong attack or takedown, then take off while the others are distracted. Sometimes a powerful blow to one of the group will cause the others to leave you alone. Use any force necessary to do this.

Generally, fighting multiple attackers is about controlling your environment. If you think you’re going to fight off 3 guys indefinitely like in the movies, you’re dead wrong. Eventually you are going to lose. Control the environment, strike fast and hard, and escape as soon as you get the chance.

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